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Top 5 benefits of using Santa sacks this year

As a young child every 1st of December my mum would set up the Christmas decorations and set out the Santa sacks. The Santa sacks were hung on the mantle piece and then on Christmas Eve Santa filled up our sacks with presents. It was so exciting! I can still feel that little tremor of excitement waking up on Christmas Day and seeing the sack full of presents! Christmas was such a delight as a child. 

As a parent I want to create that moment of excitement and anticipation for my children. I also want to stay sane, love yourself through Christmas and not create waste or unnecessary stress on this special day. 

As an adult however Christmas can mean so many different things and be expensive, wasteful and stressful - the total opposite of what it is meant to be! Christmas can still be a beautiful day for family to gather over a beautiful meal, celebrate life and give gifts and here's my top three benefits of using Santa sacks this Christmas.

Top 5 benefits of using Santa sacks 

  1. Organise your children's presents rather than having them loose under the tree. 
  2. Create your own family tradition by using them year after year. I still have mine from when I was a little girl!
  3. Santa sacks boost your Christmas decorations and look great while reducing the amount of waste.
  4. Get your presents up off the ground, which can be great if you have toddlers!
  5. Transport gifts on Christmas Day by using the Santa sacks again after your children have emptied them. You can take presents to another person's house in the Santa sack and then bring home presents in the Santa sack too!

Create your own beautiful memories with our lovely Santa sacks.

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