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3 Ways To Love Yourself This Christmas

3 Important ways to love yourself this Christmas!

Christmas is the perfect time of year to love yourself, however it is also the craziest time in the year to get a little bit of 'me time'. In today's blog I share three practical ways to love yourself and hopefully they help you have a wonderful Christmas, where you feel refreshed during this special time of year.

The beauty of Christmas is that it draws on the spirit of giving. We give to our loved ones and those in need. We give gifts to thank others, bless others, encourage others, and sometimes, even to make them laugh or cringe! 

Giving is a powerful way to show love to somebody. But don't worry, this blog post isn't about giving gifts to yourself, although it's not such a crazy idea... But honestly, with all the food to buy, presents to purchase, there's not likely to be wads of cash lying around to spend on yourself. So how do you love yourself in a time and cash poor period of the year?

Tip #1 Get a fresh perspective

364 days of the year we are busy with our everyday lives, dropping off kids at their events, looking after everyone else, and then there is Christmas Day! I love Christmas day, but in the lead up to this monumental day, how on earth can you find time for a quick mental and emotional 'top up' when there is so much to do on the list?

Well, tip number one is to get a fresh perspective by looking at all that you have achieved during the 364 days of the year in the lead up to Christmas. Stop for a moment and think about all the meals you have planned, purchased and prepared, (and cleaned up too!), all the places you have seen, explored, and shared with loved ones. Think about the personal growth you have noticed, how you are more capable now than at the start of year. Think of the big achievements, and the small ones too! Think of the courses you've finished, the lessons you've learn, the progress you and your family have made. Take a deep breath and remember all the hard work you've put in this year. 

By simply looking at all the hundreds, probably even all the thousands of things that you have already done, what is left on your list for 2018 will hopefully be more pleasant to look at in this fresh perspective and also feel more achievable too! There's more in you than you know. You've grown stronger and smarter in 2018. Apply your new strengths to every situation you can!


Tip #2 Be realistic 

I wonder what it means to do Christmas in a realistic way this year. Now I'm not suggesting we lose the magic of Christmas by stripping it back, I mean, I want to give and receive lots of presents! Who doesn't. What I really mean is, hopefully you are being realistic with just over two weeks to go until Christmas, and not planning on hand sculpting a new table and chairs for your Christmas day feast, or writing and producing a new cook book to get published as your special gift this year, that you haven't even started yet! 

As an entrepreneur I knew back in July that I wanted to launch a new range for Christmas, so allowed plenty of time and used my five phases for product development to create my latest, beautiful items like these Christmas Santa Sacks. Over several months I sketched out the ideas, tested the concept with my friends and made the products, over and over again to get them just right.

I recommend being realistic this Christmas, particularly in the little things that often cause the biggest stress. Things like allowing time to find a car park, allow a good 15 minutes-30 minutes! Even the simplest things like making yourself a cup of tea, or pouring a glass of wine instead of madly scrambling to wrap the presents on Christmas eve. Take the time to enjoy the process of planning and managing Christmas this year, and be realistic and let the wonder of Christmas fill you with peace, rather than panic, simply by being realistic!


Tip #3 Introduce a new tradition

In the lead up to Christmas this year, you could start a new tradition, one that is kind to you and that you would look forward to every year! Imagine what you could do here. Anything is possible. I'm suggesting a new, expensive tradition like a massage or day spa with the sisters... Actually, now that I think about it, "Geoff I've got something I want to talk about..."

Seriously though, think of what you would love to do in the lead up to Christmas that won't add to the credit card debt, and add it into your individual/family rhythm this Christmas period. Literally, anything is possible here. Think about it, you could have a night in at home with good friends to see a tacky new (or old) Christmas movie on Netflix!

Or maybe you need a new tradition for when you are ready to celebrate that all the present shopping is done!  What would you love to create as a new tradition when you have finished the shopping? What little moment would fill your tank up this Christmas? 

I'd love to hear what you do to keep fresh and fill your heart and home with peace this Christmas. 

Remember to love yourself, as you shower everyone else with love this Christmas. You are worth loving too! Give yourself a little bit of extra Christmas cheer this year by loving yourself with a bit of fresh perspective, a little bit of reality and hopefully, a new tradition or two as well!

Love and peace,



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