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5 gifts ideas to wrap in linen

We all love getting gifts, but giving gifts that have a wow-factor isn't easy!

Making a person feel special comes from more than just the value of the gift you are giving them. Putting in the creative effort, finishing touches and personalisation are key to truly celebrating that someone special.


I love wrapping gifts in linen, drawing on the Japanese art of Furoshiki - wrapping a present in fabric. There's so many different ways to wrap a present in fabric, so be creative with this approach. Have fun as you make a block of chocolate into so much more. 

Napkins and tea towels are my preferred fabric because then there is no waste (which is great for nature!) and they are the perfect size for small to medium sized gifts. The gift is often enhanced when you wrap it in a beautiful tea towel or napkin, especially when they are pairing gifts, like tea and a tea towel. 

5 gift ideas to wrap in linen

My top five gifts which are enhanced by a tea towel or napkin include:

1) Tea 


2) Dark chocolate

3) Wine

4) Books 

5) Hampers can be made up of a combination of beautiful items!

You can even add the gifts to the Christmas table setting so that they blend in beautifully as a surprise for your guests.


These gifts can be great for occasions such as a kitchen tea, house warming party, mother's day, birthday, Christmas and thank you gifts.


Happy wrapping.







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