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6 unique ways to fold a napkin

I love entertaining. There, I said it. I know some people freak out at the thought of hosting a dinner party, or family lunch, but I'm happy to admit that I love it! I love the quality time with amazing people and designing a beautiful table setting with a blend of heights, textures and tones to inspire people and enable them to connect. 

Introducing the unsung hero of tablescapes - the napkin

Setting the table can be stressful or boring if you don’t have a clear plan, style or vision for the upcoming meal. Often it is the little touches that make a huge impact when it comes to setting a stylish table. And that is where napkins are underrated.

Napkins are small, simple and subtle, yet they are able to provide a focus point that is aesthetically pleasing, a soothing tactile experience and a unique point of difference.

So here’s my latest six ways to fold a napkin to become a focal point on your next table setting. And yes, I had lots of fun with my amazing photographer Stef Thoms making these gifs!


6 unique ways to fold a napkin 

1. The Knot



2. Knotted cutlery



3. The crossover on plate



4. Basic bouquet



5. Geometric arrow



6. The drape



How do you use napkins when you entertain? I'd love to hear any tips in the comments.

I encourage you to be inventive this season in your hospitality. Make it special for your loved ones with your own style and little finishing touches.

I hope you find these six napkin folding ideas helpful when planning your upcoming dinner party, special seasonal lunch or family meal over the holiday period.

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Love and joy,



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