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Winter meals that will keep you warm

Winter is a time to celebrate the home-cooked meals that fill you up and warm the whole house too! In this blog I share the meals that I grew up eating in Winter along with fresh inspo that I've been trying out lately when I entertain in the cold months of Winter.

Inspo for entertaining

This blog is perfect for you when you run out of ideas for cooking at home and can't remember the classics or need bit of inspiration for when you are having friends or loved ones around. In my new e-Book I share 10 tips for easy and elegant entertaining that will help you when you are hosting the Winter birthday meals or a a Christmas in July celebration. They also are great for when you are just trying to get that next quick family meal prepared seamlessly and easily. We could all use a little less stress and I know these ideas will help you, so please check them out!  And here's the classics first, followed by some fresh inspo to get you into delicious, hearty Winter meals.

5 Winter classics 

For those looking for the nostalgic meals of yesteryear, you might like to try meals including:

  1. Soups like pea and ham, chicken broth and the iconic pumpkin soup - don't forgot to have freshly baked sourdough with your soups!
  2. Lamb roast with vegetables, remember Mum's nice crispy potatoes!
  3. Slow-cooked spaghetti bolognaise 
  4. Home-cooked pizzas with your favourite toppings 
  5. Vegetarian lasagna

5 Winter meal ideas 

Here's my fresh ideas you might like to try meals such as:

  1. Moroccan lamb slow-cooked with vegetables
  2. Butter chicken - go on, give it a try!
  3. Lentil patties - make your own burgers with the lot
  4. Roast pumpkin risotto
  5. Atlantic salmon with roast vegetables

    I hope you find these ideashelpful as you create beautiful moments of hospitality for your loved ones.





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