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Summer: Reflections from my first quarter running an online business.

Summer '18 you were amazing!

As summer comes to a rapid end, it is a great chance to reflect on the first three months of running an online business. It's no coincidence that my linen eye pillows, which you chill for 15-minutes and then place on your eyes to reduce stress, have been a best seller during the hot summer months!

Summer in 2017-18 was hot!

So how did my online store go over the last three months? During the three months of summer the weather was hot and the sales were hot too!

Now there's still two weeks left of summer so who knows what could still happen, but clearly it was the Christmas boom that was particularly amazing. Launching my online store in the month leading up to Christmas worked really well for me and my customers. I heard great feedback from customers  including.

'Just received my order Krystol, and I am delighted. Your craftsmanship is stunning! Beautiful fabric and printing, the leather and all the details are perfect.' - Facebook customer.

Like when I blogged about the joy of my first sale, the joy of delighting customers matters to me immensely. 

Work with great 'like-minded' designers

I'm aware it could have been stressful to launch an online store immediately into the Christmas peak purchasing time. In a way it still was stressful, but in a good way! Thankfully, Shopify - my online platform, worked seamlessly and performed very well during the very busy days! Thanks Cadence Media and all the team who designed my website for recommending a great platform and designing a beautiful site!

Celebrate the wins

My first quarter of running an online business is nearly over and I've got a lot to celebrate. I am thrilled to see customers purchasing my products as gifts for their loved ones. I'm delighted to see market bags, aprons and tea towels being used at special events like Christmas feasts, Australia Day parties and family celebrations. 

Even though there is plenty to celebrate, there is still more to plan and progress with so I'm going to keep this post short and sweet and wrap it up here.

We've got plenty of exciting things to share with you during the next season of Krystol Brailey Designs. Bring on Autumn!

Remebmer, the beauty is in the detail.

Joy and Love,


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