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My first sale: a bundle of heat packs

The feeling: Every artist has a special feeling when they sell their first product. I can remember selling my first product, a batch of heat packs. The satisfying feeling of my first sale holds a special place in my heart. This special feeling is the fuel for pushing on into bigger and better business days. It is really needed after months and months of hard work, moments of failure and lots of perseverance. Plus, it made a positive impact on my bank balance! Here are more special things about my first sale of heat packs.

The image: The original heat pack was made using my first screen, the leaf one. The horseshoe and rectangle shaped heat packs create a visually soothing look that also provides heat to tight, tired muscles. Like the image of nature, the warm heat pack provides a soothing feeling for the user.

The scent: The heat packs were made with either a lavender essential oil or a peppermint essential oil to provide aromatherapy benefits to the user. A non-scented item was also available, and still is to this day.

The packaging: My first production of heat packs was packaged using a brown paper wraparound label (see my old logo on it). It was tied with a delicate ribbon, in a cute little bow, and included a swing tag with instructions for use.

What I loved: Even though this first item was made over four years ago, I was thrilled to see all the small steps come together into a final product that someone was going to pay for! The steps included the digital design work, the screen printing, the hand-sewn fabric and piping, the lavender-scented rice (my fav), with simple packaging. My heat packs have improved since then and are particularly great on cold winter's nights. It's quite a heart-warming thought to know that these products are helping to heal tired, stressed muscles across Sydney and Australia. Who knows, one day I might even sell my first internationally bound heat pack!

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