Krystol Brailey

An introduction to Krystol Brailey Designs: The blog begins...

Welcome to my first blog! I'm delighted to meet you and I am looking forward to sharing my story about screen printing with you.

I first started with this basic screen printing set up back in early 2013.

So basic, so simple. Yet, the seed of the vision was planted that day. Now, nearly five years on at the end of 2017, I am thrilled to go online with my screen printing journey. Please follow me on Instagram and share the journey there too.

The hundreds of hours of printing, with loads of different images have now given me a range of freshly designed prints, plus a few old classics that still look great!

This image of a beautiful leaf is one of my earliest prints. I have now chosen to use that beautiful, delicate leaf to be the logo of my business.

The passion and driving force, the motive at the heart of my business is to create beautiful, unique products that are charged with the beauty and inspiration of nature, that create warm and relaxed environments in the home.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Love, Krystol



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