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Sydney Stylists to Follow in 2018

2 Sydney Stylists to Follow in 2018

In 2018 Sydney designers will create, collate and style products that express their passion, vitality and personality. 

I appreciate when stylists approach their craft with freshness and I wanted to share with you two Sydney based stylists that impacted me in 2017. I believe these two artists will continue to bloom in 2018 and definitely recommend you follow them on Insta.

1) Blanchard & Thoms - Stylist and Photography

First off, it was absolutely delightful to work with Stef Thoms of Blanchard & Thoms in 2017. Stef and her team assisted in the styling and photography of my products for I always receive amazing feedback on my images and 'the look and feel' of my brand. So a massive thank you to Stef for understanding my brief and beautifully capturing the essence of my brand!

I've known Stef for the last few years and she was my 'go-to' when it was time to photograph and style my products

I love how Stef arranged my heat packs amidst a beautiful selection of Australian natives.

I warmly recommend their photography and styling expertise and I love what they showcase on Instagram. I think you'll love what Blanchard Thoms are displaying too! Check out this enticing pic of wine, berries, figs and chocolate. It has to be one of my favs! 

Blanchardthoms is definitely worth a follow on Instagram! All pics from Blanchardthoms Insta account.

2) Sally Bay - Interior Stylist 

Sally Bay also stood out in 2017 with her floral Christmas wreath arrangements. I first saw these on their Insta account and loved the passion and precision with which Tessa made these exquisite wreaths. I know these inspiring wreaths would have brought much joy, delight and beauty to homes, families and Christmas parties across Sydney!

It's great to see the combination of the bold harmoniously arranged with the delicate. Great work Tessa! I'm looking forward to seeing your creations flourish in 2018!

Pic from Instagram @sally_bay - She is definitely worth a follow!

I wonder who is inspiring you early in 2018? What Sydney based stylists, designers, artists would you recommend in 2018? 

Remember, the beauty is in the detail.

Love, Krystol

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