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Feeling overwhelmed by your #mumlife to do list?

Has #mumlife got you feeling overwhelmed?

As a busy mumpreneur with two kids, (plus a husband!), I know what it feels like to have more jobs on your to-do list than time available to get them all done!

Life can be pretty crazy at times as a mum. We have important jobs to do including raising kids, as well as growing our business and getting results at work. 

So to help take a bit of pressure off your shoulders, and ease your mind, I wanted to share four quick tips on how I respond when I am pressed for time and feel overloaded with priorities.

Tip 1 Decide what tasks are most important

Choose new priority tasks each day. Every day is a new chance to review the to-do list, add to it, hopefully cross off a few items from yesterday and then decide what you are going to get done that day. 

It can be good to have different lists for the different responsibility areas you have in life. For example, you might have a job as a manager in an PR Company and so you will need lots of to-do's just for your job. Then you'll have a list of fun things to do when you get a chance to wind down - like Gold Class with the husband this Friday night! Also, you'll have a list of those little jobs around the house for him to do later on the weekend! That's tip number 2 though... back to tip number 1.

To start reducing your stress levels, I recommend having a list for everything. The benefit of writing lists is that it clears all those ideas out of your mind and onto a digital or paper to-do list. Then, after having lists that are up to date you can pick each day what is the priority to get done first. Think about it like planning your meal list for the next few days before going to the shops. Knowing your priority items saves you wandering up and down the aisles looking for inspiration. Even simply selecting one priority to-do from each 'life area' can make a day very productive! Try it out and let me know if it works for you.

Tip 2 Build your team

The second tip to reducing that feeling like you are drowning under daily pressures is to plan and proactively build your team/support network. This might mean getting your partner and kids to help with small and big jobs around the home. This could mean getting some professional help, or even a friend to lend a hand. 

During the cooler months it was quite tough taking my family to set up at the markets. On the cold, dreary mornings I wanted my kids to stay at home out of the cold, but I needed Geoff's help to set up the market stall. Instead, I recruited my Dad to help with set up so Geoff could keep the kids indoors during the cooler winter mornings. Plus, my Dad who loves to visit me at the markets, and he LOVES camping set ups, so it was definitely a win/win/win! 

Tip 3 Find the 'quick wins'

Lately I got to share some mumpreneur advice with a parent who was struggling to find time to get through their to-do lists. I shared how I love to just have some to-do list items that only take five minutes. Then if there is a moment of peace, or I am waiting dinner time and the kids are happy (this happens about once a year!) I smash out a quick job. It feels great! 

This is really about learning to seize the moment as there are plenty of five minute moments that can occur in any day. It's all about have your priority list with orders and time commitments, building a great team to support your in life and business and finally getting on with small steps to have as many 'quick wins' as you can in a day.

Tip 4 Take a moment for you

Lastly, I recommend taking a moment just to be you. This might mean a cup of tea and a block of dark chocolate at the end of a day with one of my lavender scented heat packs wrapped around your neck. Or a few minutes to mentally prepare at the start of the day with your to-do list and a cup of coffee. 

Mums, let's look after ourselves as we are often the glue holding not only our families together, but our businesses and communities too. 

How do you reduce that pressure and stay calm when life is pretty crazy? I'd love to hear your tips on living an inspired and productive life. 

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Oct 23, 2018 • Posted by Gayle Johnston

Love what you’re doing here Krystol! I LOVE my “Reminders” on my iPhone! I can put the jobs in and give them a date and time to remind me what I need to do first. I don’t have to think about them again until the jobs are due. This relieves the mental stress of trying to remember everything. Even if it’s just to remember to ’phone someone or text them. Or finish painting that picture!! Love it!

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